Getting an Eyelash Lift

An eyelash lift is a gentle treatment that works with your natural lashes to lift them up, give them volume and make them look longer. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and it doesn’t use eyelash extensions or false lashes, making it a very natural treatment that is favoured by many women.

An eyelash lift is performed by a qualified beauty therapist, who will apply a solution to your eyelashes and brush it through. Make sure you choose a salon that doesn’t use any kind of perming solution – this is harsher and can leave you with frizz.

An eyelash lift is often paired with a tint to make your lashes darker as well. This gives you a generally more dramatic look so that you don’t have to wear any makeup. It is great for going on holiday, or for everyday beauty, and if you want an even bolder look, you can apply mascara.