How to Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is considered a beauty essential by many. Lots of ladies say they wouldn’t leave the house without it on and many swear by it to make their eyes look bigger and bolder. It can also complement other features very well, like hair, eyes and lips.

To apply your eyeliner, first, decide on whether you are applying it to the top of bottom of your eyes. Both can make your eyes look smaller, so be careful. You may want to apply it to both but if you do, perhaps consider using slightly different shades. If you use all black, the effect could be too severe.

Be very careful when applying eyeliner, especially to your bottom eye area. Begin to draw along the lash line, very delicately. It is best to create a thin, faint line and then build up the colour and thickness. Apply mascara to your lashes once your eyeliner is in place.