Using Fake Tan for an All-Year-Round Glow

Fake tan is a miracle product. It offers so many benefits – it gives skin a healthy glow, it makes us feel better about our complexion during winter, it can make any outfit look better and it can even make us look slimmer. People have used sunbeds for many years but the risks are so high, and it’s never going to help your skin to age well. There are so many reasons to start using tan from a bottle rather than relying on damaging UV rays.

Fake tan doesn’t have to give you that stereotypical orange colour. Far from it – it can be as subtle as you like. There are a number of different types of tan which you can choose from. There are liquids, gels, sprays, creams – you name it, it exists. Some people prefer to use gradual tanning body creams, as these will give you more control over your skin’s shade. It will build up little by little, taking away the fear of your skin coming out a darker and less natural shade than you were expecting. This is an especially good option for people with lighter skin tones.

When you’re going to fake tan your skin, make sure that you’ve exfoliated thoroughly first. Pay close attention to areas of rougher skin such as elbows and heels. Use a tanning mitt to get even coverage all over. Ensure that you’ve allowed the tan to dry thoroughly before dressing, or you’ll be in danger of getting streaks.