Caring for your Hair Whilst on Holiday

Holidays are great for working on your tan, but they tend to be less kind to your hair. The sun, salt water and chlorine can do irreparable damage and leave your hair dry, brittle and faded. Here are our top tips for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful whilst away on holiday:

  1. If you can bear it, wear a swimming hat or keep your hair out of the water. Whilst a cap might not be the most glamorous option in the short term, it will help you massively in the long run. Preventing salt and chlorine from touching your hair will help to keep it in good condition.
  2. Take a tangle brush with you. if you’re swimming and sunbathing, your hair will inevitably get knotted. You don’t want it to matt, so take a good quality de-tangling brush with you to gently tease out the knots. It will be less painful and less damaging.
  3. Use sun protection. UV rays don’t just damage your skin – they can hurt your hair too. There are lots of products that you can use to protect your hair, usually in the form of sprays. Use these liberally whilst away and whenever you are in the sun.