Getting your Child’s First Haircut

It’s a big step to book in your child’s first haircut. It is an acknowledgement that they are really starting to grow up, and once you book the first trim, you will have to keep getting their hair cut on a regular basis. Whether you have a special occasion such as a christening or it’s just time to get a trim for your child, it’s important that you go to someone you can trust.

Never be tempted to cut your child’s hair yourself. It might seem like the easy option and you will certainly save yourself some money but a hairdresser will be able to do a professional job for you. Book into a salon that is child-friendly – check reviews to see how they have treated other people’s children.

You might be able to ask your regular hairdresser if they are able to cut your child’s hair for you. It helps to have a hairdresser who understands and knows you as they are more likely to create a cut that you are happy with.