Hair Colours for 2020

As the latter part of 2020 approaches, new trends are emerging into the late summer and autumn months. Hair colour trends are always moving and shifting – here are some of the most prominent colour trends for 2020:

  • Pastel hues. Very popular with people wanting to make a statement, pastel colours could include blues, pinks, purples and more. Hair may be one pastel shade, or different colours could be weaved through to make a bolder statement.
  • Balayage. Balayage will never go out of fashion and it’s the perfect way to have sunkissed hair. Reminiscent of summer and beaches, some lighter balayage through your hair is perfect if you’re sad to see summer disappearing.
  • Coppers. Looking ahead to autumn, coppers are the perfect autumnal colours. Shiny coppery reds, either as an all over colour or woven into other colours, can be the perfect option for people with a wide variety of skin tones and natural hair colours.