Looking After Your Skin in Winter

Winter is a tough time of year for your skin. Even if you have greasy or oily skin, you might well notice it becoming more dry in the winter months, with the harsh weather making your skin tougher and flakier. Here is a brief guide to looking after your skin in the winter months and keeping it glowing:

  • Stick to your normal skincare routine. Don’t be tempted to change it too much, or you might begin to suffer from other issues, like blemishes and blocked pores. Cleans, tone and moisturise every morning and every evening.
  • Use a night cream. This tends to be a more deeply moisturising cream that will nourish your skin overnight and help prevent it from becoming dry. Use it on all areas of your skin, or just on problem areas if you find your skin becoming too oily in other places.
  • Use a face mask. Do this once a week for soft, smooth skin.