The Benefits of Gel Nail Polish

There are many kind of nail polish on the market, from the standard kinds you can buy off the shelf to shellacs and gel polishes. Gel is one of the most advanced kinds of nail colour you can use – it is offered by many quality beauticians and nail therapists. Here are some of its benefits:

  • There are lots of colours available. Choose from a wide array of colours to suit your own tastes and preferences. Any good salon will have a large selection of gel polishes to show you.
  • Gel will last a long time. It is cured underneath a UV light, so it is very strong and resistant to chips. It lasts much longer on toenails and fingernails than a regular polish would.
  • Your nails stay in good condition. Some types of polish will wreck your natural nails, but with gel, they will still be healthy when the polish is removed.